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Four Things to Know About Apple’s iOS 9.3

Apple has unveiled a beta version of the latest update to its operating system with a whole new set of bells and whistles. The company broke from its habit—usually Apple waits for the full annual upgrades to roll out major new features, but this incremental update includes a number of important elements. This development has some experts hoping […]

Artificial Intelligence Coming to Salesforce?

This week Salesforce, the cloud computing company used by many for customer relationship management, announced its acquisition of MinHash. The startup created a learning engine that tracked trends for marketers, relying on data science to formulate campaigns. Perhaps most interestingly, however, it also gave life to AILA, an artificially intelligent assistant that did the legwork of research and analysis […]

Salesforce for Contractors

Do you work with freelancers, contractors, or vendors as part of your business? Is it tough keeping track of them all? The correspondence, the pay dates, the deliverables? Recently-funded company Lystable offers their application as a one-stop shop specializing in external worker management. They’re not trying to go after sales leads or customer management, focusing […]

Heading into the Holidays, Consider Apps for Shift Management

Between extended hours, holiday plans, and cold-weather sickness, hourly employees have it particularly hard when it comes to swapping shifts this time of year. Most rely on Facebook groups or group text chains with coworkers to find someone to take a shift they have to miss. Using a scheduling app instead can provide a cleaner interface and help protect […]

WordPress Admin Switches from PHP to JavaScript

WordPress powers about 25 percent of all websites on the Internet, including this blog. It’s just made a major change to its code. The popular content management software was originally written in PHP, a popular web programming language that’s been around since the mid-90s. Much of the WordPress application is still in PHP, but the newest version […]

Microsoft, Now with 100% More Linux

For a professional-oriented product that appeals mainly to networking administrators, Microsoft uses Linux. Last week Microsoft announced Azure Cloud Switch, their home-brewed flavor of Linux designed to maximize flexibility and uniformity for network switches. Network switches are hardware used to manage computer and Internet connections in a data center or other networked environment. While the product itself […]

Top Applications for Tiny Businesses

This July, SurePayroll repeated its yearly study of the top applications used by the smallest of businesses – those employing 1-10 workers. The top place in each category has held steady since 2014: Cloud Storage: Dropbox Social Network: Facebook Social Media Management: Hootsuite Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce Email Marketing: Constant Contact One new trend in […]


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