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Microsoft, Now with 100% More Linux

For a professional-oriented product that appeals mainly to networking administrators, Microsoft uses Linux. Last week Microsoft announced Azure Cloud Switch, their home-brewed flavor of Linux designed to maximize flexibility and uniformity for network switches. Network switches are hardware used to manage computer and Internet connections in a data center or other networked environment. While the product itself […]

Top Applications for Tiny Businesses

This July, SurePayroll repeated its yearly study of the top applications used by the smallest of businesses – those employing 1-10 workers. The top place in each category has held steady since 2014: Cloud Storage: Dropbox Social Network: Facebook Social Media Management: Hootsuite Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce Email Marketing: Constant Contact One new trend in […]

Deskdoo Provides a Virtual Desktop in Your Browser

Deskdoo, a startup out of Poland, provides all the comforts of a desktop right in your browser. With telecommuting on the rise, virtual collaboration tools are having their moment in the sun. Web-based Deskdoo eliminates the need to install remote desktop software or use company-issued hardware. Instead, users log into the site online and gain […]

Don’t Develop Your App Three Times

So you’ve realized you need a mobile app for your business, but you don’t know which mobile platform to make it for. Should you scoop up those shiny iOS customers? Windows phone users? I mean, Cortana is pretty cool. What about Android? Once you do a little research, you’ll groan as you realize that different […]

Apple Announces Music Streaming, New OS

Monday marked the first day of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. This event is known for big announcements for the coming year. Here are a few things to look forward to, from CEO Tim Cook’s keynote address: Apple Music: The big announcement of the day was Apple’s Spotify-like music streaming app. It lets you create a listening […]

Universal Apps in Upcoming Windows 10

Windows 10 will include seamless support (at least as advertised) for universal apps across all its platforms. That is, your progress in an app will follow you across all your Windows 10 devices. We have hints of universal apps now, like when you use the same app on your phone and your tablet. The Windows […]

Microsoft Visual Studio Embraces the Wider Developer Ecosystem

Microsoft Visual Studio now has a GitHub extension. GitHub is a popular repository and version control system for storing code, a great deal of which is open source. With this Visual Studio extension, Microsoft is further embracing open source software and a plural development ecosystem. Try the extension here: – GitHub extension for Visual Studio […]


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