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Today’s Apple Announcement: Updates from Wristwear to Research

Today Apple announced new products and services, which will impact life at work and home. Crossing both areas is the Apple Watch. With a release date of April 24, and price starting at $349, Apple Watch allows you to make calls, check email, and eventually access many iPhone apps. It incorporates haptic feedback for physical […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Runs Microsoft 10

The popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi, just released its second hardware version. Along with the hardware update, Microsoft and Raspberry Pi announced that a compatible version of Windows 10 will be available free of charge to makers. Windows has been a latecomer to the world of free and/or open-source, but this move should […]

Google Inbox: The Email Killer?

In early December, Google rolled out Inbox, the company’s new app dubbed an “email killer,” by invitation only. Gmail still exists and will not be going away anytime soon. The aesthetic of Inbox is that of a social network newsfeed — with a preview visible before opening the actual email. The preview allows users to […]

Real-Time Translation from Microsoft’s Skype

My vote for the biggest-impact technological breakthrough in 2015 is Microsoft’s Skype real-time translator. The feature is available for preview right now, and you can watch the demo video on Mashable. Skype translates between Spanish and English in near real time, just from two people talking over the Internet. The program is good-enough now, and […]

Microsoft .NET Goes Open-Source

Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET framework are going open-source. This is great news for Microsoft developers and anyone who uses the Microsoft ecosystem. For developers, this means they’ll have more insight into the software they’re writing, and more access to all things Microsoft. The barrier of entry will be lower, so more developers will […]

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Microsoft announced a return to the familiar last week with Windows 10. Skipping Windows 9 (supposedly, the company wants a clean break from the reputation of Windows 8), Windows 10 will be released mid-2015. Many aspects of the new OS were created with business users in mind. Windows 10 will include in-place upgrades for Windows […]

What Does Shellshock Mean for Windows?

Shellshock is the name of the recent software vulnerability found in Bash, the shell (command line) program used on most Mac OS X and Linux computers and servers. It’s a small utility program that’s ubiquitous, and so this bug has the potential to cause a lot of havoc in the computing world. As a Windows […]


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