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Major Bug and Patch for OpenSSL

OpenSSL, an extremely widespread cyptographic library used for Internet security, has just announced a major security breach and the patch to fix it. How bad is it? Pretty bad. The bug allowed hackers to view data in a server’s system memory without leaving any trace. This type of data can include passwords, sensitive documents, encryption […]

Office for iPad Arrives

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad, making the tech giant a multi-platform player. Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are now available as free apps that allow file viewing, copying, and sharing. To get full editing capabilities, an Office 365 subscription is required. Reviewers say the iPad edition of Office is more robust […]

Two-Factor Authentication

Are you curious about the two-factor authentication security technology recently adopted by popular online services like Twitter and Tumblr? It’s called “two-factor” because it uses a password plus another login credential. Typically, the second factor is a numeric code generated by a smartphone app. When you enable two-factor authentication for a service, you’ll scan a […]

One Password to Rule Them All

Long gone are the days when your email password was the only code you had to remember. Now, nearly every click you make leads to a login screen. With so many secure apps and programs a part of everyday business, you’ve got two options: remember a telephone book’s worth of passwords, or explore single sign-on […]

The Client-Server Model

Today’s post is about a computing concept: the client-server model. In today’s era of cloud computing, many applications use the client-server model. So, by understanding what that means, you’ll have a better grasp of one of the basic types of application architecture. Let’s start with an example. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange use the client-server […]

Account Credentials for Business Should Not Be in the Founder’s Name

What do you do if the founder of your business dies, taking all her passwords with her? Or when your IT manager has to move back east, and no one else knows how to get into PayPal and Twitter? You need a way for another person at the company to take over responsibility for the […]

Windows Task Scheduler

The Windows Task Scheduler is a humble tool, but in its simplicity, it is powerful and versatile. It does exactly what it says on the tin: it schedules tasks in Windows. Basically, the Task Scheduler lets you do something on your computer without having to remember to do it, or even be sitting at your […]

The private social network for your company

In the world of internal communications and cloud-based collaboration, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) like Yammer and Salesforce are gaining traction as valuable tools. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies “will have partially or fully implemented an Enterprise Social Network” by the end of 2013. ESNs provide employees […]

Getting website visitor metrics

Knowing your website visitor metrics is useful for many different purposes. It lets you know how popular your website is. It provides you with a measurement point for marketing, SEO, and conversion efforts. It’s useful to your friendly IT staff if you need help troubleshooting issues with slowness or resource overuse. It’s also just nice […]

Rules for the Internet of Things

We’ve got smartphones, and we’re about to get smart watches. Cars are getting pretty smart, too. And TVs. And thermostats, freezers, lights, and medical devices. The Internet of Things is dawning. Pretty soon, everything will have a tiny sensor in it. Everything will be remote-controlled via an app, or even self-controlled with the right programming. […]


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