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Two-Factor Authentication

Are you curious about the two-factor authentication security technology recently adopted by popular online services like Twitter and Tumblr? It’s called “two-factor” because it uses a password plus another login credential. Typically, the second factor is a numeric code generated by a smartphone app. When you enable two-factor authentication for a service, you’ll scan a […]

High-Speed Habit: Upgrade Your Internet Equipment Often

With Google Fiber creating the infrastructure for ultra high-speed gigabit Internet (currently we’re at megabit Internet) in the coming years and cable companies scrambling to catch up, the Internet speed game is poised for a new race. DOCSIS 3.0, the highest speed cable Internet available in the United States, has rolled out to almost the entire nation in […]

First Day with Glass

Today on the Janus Networks blog we’ll showcase Mr. Nye’s new tech toy: Google Glass! Here’s a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in our hometown, taken with Glass: And here is Mr. Nye himself with the futuristic eyewear: What’s so important about Glass? First of all, it’s cool. Right now it’s definitely an early-adopter […]

Year-End Checklist

The end of the year is the perfect time to check those pesky maintenance items off your to-do list and start the next twelve months with a clean slate. Use this helpful list of common office technology maintenance tips to start fleshing out your own year-end checklist and start 2014 right: Clean up your hard drive: Purge […]

Three Gadgets for Your Holiday Gift List

Looking for a little technological magic to put under the tree, or on your own wish list? Check out these three high-tech gadgets: Brain-Wave Cat Ears for Kids and Everyone Playful: These electronic cat ears by necomomimi wiggle, droop, and perk up according to your mood! Wear the ears as a headband and share your […]

One Phone System, Many Locations

As we mentioned last week, one of the tools for healthy telecommuting is your business’s phone service. Ideally, everyone in the company will be on the same network – this is true for businesses with multiple offices, as well as for businesses with telecommuters. If everyone’s phone is on the same network, calls within the […]

One Password to Rule Them All

Long gone are the days when your email password was the only code you had to remember. Now, nearly every click you make leads to a login screen. With so many secure apps and programs a part of everyday business, you’ve got two options: remember a telephone book’s worth of passwords, or explore single sign-on […]

The Client-Server Model

Today’s post is about a computing concept: the client-server model. In today’s era of cloud computing, many applications use the client-server model. So, by understanding what that means, you’ll have a better grasp of one of the basic types of application architecture. Let’s start with an example. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange use the client-server […]

Rules for the Internet of Things

We’ve got smartphones, and we’re about to get smart watches. Cars are getting pretty smart, too. And TVs. And thermostats, freezers, lights, and medical devices. The Internet of Things is dawning. Pretty soon, everything will have a tiny sensor in it. Everything will be remote-controlled via an app, or even self-controlled with the right programming. […]

Obama’s $100-million brain-mapping initiative

In the next ten years, the U.S. government will be spending $100 million to map the human brain. Just like we mapped the human genome, and are already seeing a great return on the investment even though the truly exciting technologies (personalized medicine, etc.) are barely here yet, the government hopes the brain-mapping initiative will […]


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