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Think Global for 24/7 Uptime

If information infrastructure forms a critical part of your business — whether that’s your website, email servers, a shopping cart application, databases of customer information, or something more complex — you’ll want a real live human being on call at all times to make sure it stays up, available, and ready for use. Where does […]

Huawei’s Phone Battery Charges to Half in 5 Minutes

Battery life has long been the bottleneck of mobile device improvement. While much of the focus has been on creating batteries that last longer, charging time is also an important part of the equation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could juice up your phone in a few minutes instead of a few hours? Earlier […]

‘Tis the Season… for a Technology Audit

Solidly into Q3, and with the new year approaching in just two months, now is a good time to reassess your business’s technology needs. Planning now will give you enough of a head start to take action in 2016. Ask yourself the following five questions as you build your IT budget for the coming year: 1. When did […]

Digital Crime Costs Businesses More than Ever

The price of getting hacked keeps going up. In 2015, cyber crime cost businesses $7.7 million on average; for American businesses, the damage was twice as high. That’s about 2% up from last year. Hewlett Packard and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime just released their 2015 report detailing the economic impacts of hacking, denial of […]

T-Mobile Hack Impacts Up to 15 Million Customers

Experian, the credit monitoring company used by T-Mobile to check the credit history of potential customers, recently experienced a data breach that has left a fourth of the company’s customers vulnerable. T-Mobile is the third largest mobile service carrier in the United States and an industry heavyweight abroad. The hacker obtained access to the sensitive information of about 15 […]

The EMV-Chip Card Deadline Is Here: Did You Miss It?

By Oct. 1, 2015, all retailers using credit and debit card transactions in the United States are required to convert to credit card readers that can process payment via the EMV chip (for more on the chip-style payment, read our previous post). As of the writing of this article, that deadline is Thursday. If this is the first […]

Microsoft, Now with 100% More Linux

For a professional-oriented product that appeals mainly to networking administrators, Microsoft uses Linux. Last week Microsoft announced Azure Cloud Switch, their home-brewed flavor of Linux designed to maximize flexibility and uniformity for network switches. Network switches are hardware used to manage computer and Internet connections in a data center or other networked environment. While the product itself […]


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