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Live Streaming Made Easy with Periscope

Live streaming apps like Periscope make it easier than ever to share your event with the world. All you need is a smartphone and a Periscope account to broadcast live over the internet. Periscope is owned by Twitter, which allows viewers to comment on the stream as it records. The recording can be made available for up to […]

The ABCs of Google’s New Alphabet

Last week, Google announced it will be rebranding under the new company name Alphabet. All the things you know and love about Google are here to stay, but the change was made to clarify the difference between the company’s web-related product lines and other endeavors. Alphabet is the parent company designed to umbrella a slimmed down Google brand […]

Where HR Meets Technology

Human resources and technology might seem like strange collaborators. Historically, HR policies have served to limit tech use: see restricted personal cell phone use, monitored Internet use, etc. However, as wired-in younger generations increasingly join the workforce, tech is beginning to play a role in how we manage the people side of business. Here are few things to […]

Never Get Another Speeding Ticket with Ford’s New Auto Software

Last week Ford Motors announced new software, called Intelligent Speed Limiter, that can help drivers automatically stay within the speed limit. Intelligent Speed Limiter scans traffic signs with a camera mounted on the windshield to automatically set the maximum speed for the vehicle. If the car is moving too fast, the vehicle will gradually choke […]

Today’s Apple Announcement: Updates from Wristwear to Research

Today Apple announced new products and services, which will impact life at work and home. Crossing both areas is the Apple Watch. With a release date of April 24, and price starting at $349, Apple Watch allows you to make calls, check email, and eventually access many iPhone apps. It incorporates haptic feedback for physical […]

Apple Smart Home Accessories Draw Nearer to Launch

Did you know Apple’s iOS 8 is equipped to dim your lights, turn down your air conditioning, and open your garage door? HomeKit, a programming framework designed to control home accessories, was built into the latest operating system and introduced to developers last winter. This spring, the company is expected to debut devices equipped to […]

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy A7 Phone

This week, Samsung announced its new eight-core smartphone, the Galaxy A7. Slimmer, metal, and faster, the Galaxy A7 moves away from the Galaxy S family. Though no release date has been announced, here’s what to expect from the new 5.5-inch phone: 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and 5-megapixel front-facing camera: the best camera yet for the brand […]


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