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Amazon Firefly: A New Frontier for Apps

Last week, Amazon announced its upcoming Fire smartphone. The hardware puts it at about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S5, the same battery life as the Apple 5S, and with a better camera than both. But it’s the new Firefly program that really sets the phone apart. Firefly is an audio-visual identification program […]

The Brick and Mortar Answer to Mobile

Beacons are electronic devices that mark fixed locations. If you run a brick and mortar store, you may want to install them on your premises. Why? Beacons can signal precise locations to mobile device users, presenting them with timely coupons, product facts, and other information about sale items within arms’ reach. While it would be […]

Volkswagen XL1

The Volkswagen XL1 is a luxury car that gets over 200 MPG. 250 of the vehicles are being manufactured and sold in Europe, as a market test of the appeal of a 2-seater luxury vehicle that sells for $150,000 and gets five times the fuel-efficiency of a Prius. While three of them were taken for […]

Technology You Can Wear

With rumors of Apple’s iWatch going into production and Amazon setting up a storefront for these types of devices, wearable technology is quickly becoming mainstream. Outside of communications (think Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch and Google Glass), tech you can accessorize is impacting daily fitness, medicine, and entertainment. Monitoring heart rate, counting steps, and recording calories […]

Five Things to Know About the New Samsung GalaxyS5

Samsung recently unveiled the latest generation of their GalaxyS family of smartphones: the GalaxyS5. Similar in design and shape to previous iterations, the GalaxyS5 also hosts a series of new and improved features. Here’s what you need to know about the gadget: The slightly larger screen is equipped with an AMOLED display—known for displaying color […]

Greenest Businesses Will Go Off-Grid

A recent report by Morgan Stanley points to a near future when many homes and businesses will go off-grid, caused by the intersection of clean energy tax credits and the falling costs of solar power collection and energy storage, using improved solar panels and re-purposed Tesla automobile batteries. Tesla’s stock has seen a significant bump […]

Microsoft Ends XP Support

As of April 8, Microsoft officially ended support of Windows XP, its 12-year-old operating system. Nearly 40% of companies around the world still use Windows XP, and if you still are, now is a good time to talk to your IT professional about upgrading. Windows XP is expected to become increasingly vulnerable to security threats as […]

Two-Factor Authentication

Source: Flickr/yubikey Are you curious about the two-factor authentication security technology recently adopted by popular online services like Twitter and Tumblr? It’s called “two-factor” because it uses a password plus another login credential. Typically, the second factor is a numeric code generated by a smartphone app. When you enable two-factor authentication for a service, you’ll […]

High-Speed Habit: Upgrade Your Internet Equipment Often

With Google Fiber creating the infrastructure for ultra high-speed gigabit Internet (currently we’re at megabit Internet) in the coming years and cable companies scrambling to catch up, the Internet speed game is poised for a new race. DOCSIS 3.0, the highest speed cable Internet available in the United States, has rolled out to almost the entire nation in […]

First Day with Glass

Today on the Janus Networks blog we’ll showcase Mr. Nye’s new tech toy: Google Glass! Here’s a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in our hometown, taken with Glass: And here is Mr. Nye himself with the futuristic eyewear: What’s so important about Glass? First of all, it’s cool. Right now it’s definitely an early-adopter […]


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