Monthly Archives: August 2009

Social Media and Web Ecosystems

By Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks It may seem too obvious to mention that the strength and utility of the internet come from its ability to access and share information from a nearly infinite number of sources. Yet this is a truth we are continually relearning about the internet through the successes and foibles of notable […]

Microsoft Reaches out to iPhone Users and Developers

Microsoft is promoting a study by a third party research group, Crimson Consulting, that documents how developers can port applications they have developed for the iPhone over to Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Although Microsoft’s rival app store is not scheduled to open until late this year, the company is hoping the study will entice developers […]

Uncertainty and Benefits in the Yahoo Microsoft Deal

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks I’ve been monitoring the coverage on the Yahoo Microsoft deal since it was announced on July 29th and I am a little puzzled why so many analysts and reporters seem think the deal is so positive for Microsoft and so negative for Yahoo. From what I can see of the […]

Amazon Proves DRM is More Complicated Than Piracy

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks Until Amazon remotely deleted all copies of George Orwell’s novels “1984” and “Animal Farm” from Kindle ereaders, most of the debate about DRM concerned Piracy. But in the brave new world of instant, flowing content, Amazon has just proven the data stream can run both ways. When Amazon learned the […]