Monthly Archives: November 2009

Apple TV 3.0

By Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks The Apple TV has been around for a little over two years. For the newcomers, a brief introduction: it connects to your existing TV with an HDMI cable and lets you play movies, television programs available through the iTunes store, music from your iTunes library and display photos. It connects […]

Google Navigator

By Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks Google has released what promises to be fierce competition to older, more established devices in their Google Maps Navigation cellular app. Designed to work on their Android platform, the app connects through your cell network to deliver real time navigation, similar to a number of apps on the iPhone. The […]

The Magic Mouse

by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks While Disney’s Mickey Mouse promises unconditional love and timeless family-friendly entertainment, Apple’s Magic Mouse combines the Holy Trinity of high end mouse technology: wireless connection, laser tracking and best of all, Apple’s Multi-Touch technology. First it was the iPhone, then the iTouch and now the Magic Mouse that respond to […]