Monthly Archives: July 2013

Getting website visitor metrics

Knowing your website visitor metrics is useful for many different purposes. It lets you know how popular your website is. It provides you with a measurement point for marketing, SEO, and conversion efforts. It’s useful to your friendly IT staff if you need help troubleshooting issues with slowness or resource overuse. It’s also just nice […]

Three Benefits of Pinterest

Pinterest offers social media users a visually engaging way to easily share and curate their interests online. “Just as search engines use technology to index the web’s pages and help people find specific answers to specific queries,” Pinterest’s business blog explains, “pinners are indexing the web’s objects and helping people discover things they love.” Adding […]

Rules for the Internet of Things

We’ve got smartphones, and we’re about to get smart watches. Cars are getting pretty smart, too. And TVs. And thermostats, freezers, lights, and medical devices. The Internet of Things is dawning. Pretty soon, everything will have a tiny sensor in it. Everything will be remote-controlled via an app, or even self-controlled with the right programming. […]

Who should you follow on Twitter?

Who you follow on Twitter can be just as important to your business as who follows you. While your followers create an audience for your marketing message, the people you follow can help you build vital relationships, provide sources for future tweets, and enhance your market research efforts. There are three groups that you should […]

Free, trusted personal-use SSL certificates from StartSSL

SSL certificates are essential to the modern internet environment. No matter what you want to run – a website, an online store, a mail server, a chatroom, a forum – you’ll want to make sure your users’ information and your own is protected with the encryption an SSL certificate provides. You can make your own […]

A new mobile operating system from Mozilla enters the scene!

The makers of the popular Firefox browser entered the smartphone arena yesterday with a new Firefox mobile operating system. The operating system will be open source, which appeals to developers. There are already quite a few apps for it, including the most-used types of apps for maps, Facebook, and Twitter. Firefox OS is currently available […]