Monthly Archives: September 2013

Account Credentials for Business Should Not Be in the Founder’s Name

What do you do if the founder of your business dies, taking all her passwords with her? Or when your IT manager has to move back east, and no one else knows how to get into PayPal and Twitter? You need a way for another person at the company to take over responsibility for the […]

The Scoop on the iPhone 5S and 5C

On September 20, you can pick up your own colorful iPhone and explore the exciting iOS7 operating system — complete with sleek graphics-friendly interface and new sounds. Before you dive in, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the upgraded iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, compared to past models: iPhone 5S Upsides: Longer battery life, thanks […]

Two Phones, Lots of Buzz: Apple to Announce iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

With the announcement of the latest generation of iPhone looming this Tuesday, September 10, the world is abuzz with rumors about not one, but two new phones joining the Apple family. Here’s what you might expect from the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone5C. iPhone 5S The Look: With the iPhone 6 rumored to boast […]

Android advances

If you create content for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you’re used to developing for Android. Now Android is starting to break into the PC space as well. There still isn’t an Android desktop or laptop, but Acer has just built a 24″ touchscreen device that runs Android Jelly Bean. That’s definitely too big […]