Monthly Archives: October 2013

What Is an IP Address? or or You may have seen numbers like these around the internet when you’re trying to upload files to your website, set up the office network, or troubleshoot your router. What do they mean? These numbers are called IP addresses. They’re the numbers computers use to find each other on the internet and other […]

Getting Started With Online Video

Last week, we discussed the rising popularity of online video, which you can capitalize on by creating promotional videos for your website. Whether you’re showcasing a new product, providing a useful tutorial, or highlighting clips from a recent meeting or event, a quick two- to five-minute video can be a great asset to your online […]

Online videos are growing in popularity

The Pew Research Center recently published a report on the increasing video consumption and production habits of the American public. Read the full report here. Among other findings, the following stand out: 78% of adult internet users watch or download videos 57% watch comedy videos 56% watch how-to videos 50% watch educational videos 50% watch […]

Gmail tabs, and what they mean for you and your newsletters

You may have noticed a big change to your Gmail inbox this summer – three big changes in fact. Gmail now automatically sorts your incoming mail into one of three inboxes, shown as tabs on the welcome screen. Your personal correspondence still remains in your primary inbox, while social media notifications are sorted into the […]

The Client-Server Model

Today’s post is about a computing concept: the client-server model. In today’s era of cloud computing, many applications use the client-server model. So, by understanding what that means, you’ll have a better grasp of one of the basic types of application architecture. Let’s start with an example. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange use the client-server […]