Monthly Archives: November 2013

Tech 101 for Telecommuters

Telecommuting and remote working are increasingly becoming a reality of today’s workforce. The good news is businesses of almost any budget can get in on this growing trend with a few key technological tools: Cloud Computing: Your remote employees will need access to the shared files, documents, and programs that in-office employees use. The shift […]

Telecommuting: Everybody’s Doing It

According to a recent National Small Business Association survey, 60% of small businesses now allow employees to telecommute. The relevant statistic is on Page 4 of the survey. Telecommuting offers a number of benefits to both employees and business owners, such as a better work/life balance, less stress, freedom from office interruptions, and reduced office […]

IPv6: Billions and trillions of new IP addresses

We’re running out of IP addresses. Sometime in the next year or two or five, we’ll run out of new numbers to assign to all the machines on the internet. As we discussed in a previous post, an IP address is a number, such as, that helps servers and computers find each other online. […]

One Password to Rule Them All

Long gone are the days when your email password was the only code you had to remember. Now, nearly every click you make leads to a login screen. With so many secure apps and programs a part of everyday business, you’ve got two options: remember a telephone book’s worth of passwords, or explore single sign-on […]