Monthly Archives: December 2013

How to Clear Your DNS Cache

Sometimes you need to clear your computer’s DNS cache. A DNS cache is something your computer uses to quickly match up a request for a domain name, like, with the right location on the internet. If you’ve been following along with our technical articles, this means that your computer is matching up a domain […]

Year-End Checklist

The end of the year is the perfect time to check those pesky maintenance items off your to-do list and start the next twelve months with a clean slate. Use this helpful list of common office technology maintenance tips to start fleshing out your own year-end checklist and start 2014 right: Clean up your hard drive: Purge […]

Three Gadgets for Your Holiday Gift List

Looking for a little technological magic to put under the tree, or on your own wish list? Check out these three high-tech gadgets: Brain-Wave Cat Ears for Kids and Everyone Playful: These electronic cat ears by necomomimi wiggle, droop, and perk up according to your mood! Wear the ears as a headband and share your […]

Chromecast for Business

Since Google introduced Chromecast this past summer, the myriad personal entertainment services of the HD streaming device have won raves. The device works by streaming online content to an HD TV over a WiFi signal. With mirroring capability rumored to be added in the near future, at least in the next Android OS, Chromecast’s relevance […]

One Phone System, Many Locations

As we mentioned last week, one of the tools for healthy telecommuting is your business’s phone service. Ideally, everyone in the company will be on the same network – this is true for businesses with multiple offices, as well as for businesses with telecommuters. If everyone’s phone is on the same network, calls within the […]