Monthly Archives: February 2014

Net Neutrality, Comcast-Netflix Edition

Two major developments have occurred since we last discussed net neutrality. First, the FCC is moving to instate rules similar to the ones that were struck down in January, but with a different basis for its authority. The new rules would allow the FCC to promote a fair and open Internet, and equal access for […]

Business Implications for Facebook Paper

To celebrate a full decade of Liking, Friending, and Facebooking, Facebook unveiled its latest app earlier this month: Paper. Facebook’s Paper is a newsreader. Human editors aggregate the latest and most important news from around the web, then sort it into topic-themed sections. The new app has implications for businesses both internally and externally. Internally: […]

First Day with Glass

Today on the Janus Networks blog we’ll showcase Mr. Nye’s new tech toy: Google Glass! Here’s a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in our hometown, taken with Glass: And here is Mr. Nye himself with the futuristic eyewear: What’s so important about Glass? First of all, it’s cool. Right now it’s definitely an early-adopter […]

Ergonomics: A More Comfy (and Safe) Workspace

Ergonomics is the applied science of designing objects to be used by humans in the safest and most effective manner. This includes minimizing damage from everyday actions such as sitting or writing. The Mayo Clinic and OSHA offer suggestions for improving your workstation: Chair: Sit with your shoulders relaxed and elbows supported. Adjust the height […]