Monthly Archives: March 2014

Two-Factor Authentication

Source: Flickr/yubikey Are you curious about the two-factor authentication security technology recently adopted by popular online services like Twitter and Tumblr? It’s called “two-factor” because it uses a password plus another login credential. Typically, the second factor is a numeric code generated by a smartphone app. When you enable two-factor authentication for a service, you’ll […]

High-Speed Habit: Upgrade Your Internet Equipment Often

With Google Fiber creating the infrastructure for ultra high-speed gigabit Internet (currently we’re at megabit Internet) in the coming years and cable companies scrambling to catch up, the Internet speed game is poised for a new race. DOCSIS 3.0, the highest speed cable Internet available in the United States, has rolled out to almost the entire nation in […]

Wireless Charging

A world where the blinking battery sign on your mobile device doesn’t send you scrambling to dig out your spare charger may be just around the corner. Wireless charging uses inductive power transfer to replenish batteries without the need for plugs and wires. Its most recent iteration has been as charging mats where one can […]

What’s Your Angle: Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Part Two

In January we wrote a post about the author’s personal carpal tunnel prevention equipment. Today we’ll look at some of the principles behind avoiding repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) that can help you set up your own workstation. Repetition – Small repeated motions cause RSIs. Taking a 5-minute break every hour can give your muscles rest from […]