Monthly Archives: April 2014

Five Things to Know About the New Samsung GalaxyS5

Samsung recently unveiled the latest generation of their GalaxyS family of smartphones: the GalaxyS5. Similar in design and shape to previous iterations, the GalaxyS5 also hosts a series of new and improved features. Here’s what you need to know about the gadget: The slightly larger screen is equipped with an AMOLED display—known for displaying color […]

Greenest Businesses Will Go Off-Grid

A recent report by Morgan Stanley points to a near future when many homes and businesses will go off-grid, caused by the intersection of clean energy tax credits and the falling costs of solar power collection and energy storage, using improved solar panels and re-purposed Tesla automobile batteries. Tesla’s stock has seen a significant bump […]

Microsoft Ends XP Support

As of April 8, Microsoft officially ended support of Windows XP, its 12-year-old operating system. Nearly 40% of companies around the world still use Windows XP, and if you still are, now is a good time to talk to your IT professional about upgrading. Windows XP is expected to become increasingly vulnerable to security threats as […]

Major Bug and Patch for OpenSSL

OpenSSL, an extremely widespread cyptographic library used for Internet security, has just announced a major security breach and the patch to fix it. How bad is it? Pretty bad. The bug allowed hackers to view data in a server’s system memory without leaving any trace. This type of data can include passwords, sensitive documents, encryption […]

Office for iPad Arrives

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad, making the tech giant a multi-platform player. Versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are now available as free apps that allow file viewing, copying, and sharing. To get full editing capabilities, an Office 365 subscription is required. Reviewers say the iPad edition of Office is more robust […]