Monthly Archives: May 2014

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are computer programs designed to extend the functionality of your browser. They can help protect your privacy, streamline your search process, and make it easier to view and interact with the Web. Extensions are unique to each browser, but here are four to know for a safer, more customized online experience: 1. Save […]

Spreadsheet Tip: Advanced Sorting with VLOOKUP

In a spreadsheet, say you want to add a new column of unsorted data to an existing table of custom-sorted data. You’ve already sorted the original table by hand, but you want the software to do the heavy lifting now. You will need to import the new column with one column that’s in your original […]

Technology You Can Wear

With rumors of Apple’s iWatch going into production and Amazon setting up a storefront for these types of devices, wearable technology is quickly becoming mainstream. Outside of communications (think Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch and Google Glass), tech you can accessorize is impacting daily fitness, medicine, and entertainment. Monitoring heart rate, counting steps, and recording calories […]

Version Control for Sanity

Version control brings sanity to projects with multiple contributors, or which evolve over time. Originally adopted for code, if your company develops any kind of software – even a simple website – you will thank yourself for using version control. Version control tracks all changes to project documents over time and preserves each version for […]