Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Best Digital Assistant – Now on Windows?

Microsoft has started airing ads pitting their new digital assistant Cortana against Apple’s Siri. You can watch here: While more detailed comparisons will be possible in the coming months as Cortana comes out of beta and bugs get fixed, the Microsoft digital assistant seems set to take the space by storm. It uses more natural […]

Microsoft Plans Massive Layoffs, But What Does It Mean For Your Company?

Last week, Microsoft announced plans to lay off 18,000 employees. If your business uses Microsoft products, will this impact your day-to-day operations? Probably not directly, but the layoffs do signal a change in culture at the tech giant. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s announcement explained the layoffs are to simplify management structure and clear up redundancies […]

The Biggest Players Want Net Neutrality

Today the Internet Association, comprised of the biggest Internet companies, submitted their formal comments to the FCC on net neutrality. Their comments can be viewed here: These companies – including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, reddit, and more – have officially signed on to the position that all Internet traffic should be treated […]

Five Things to Ask Your IT Provider

Many people believe the best signal they can get from their IT provider is silence—it means nothing has gone wrong. We at Janus believe that IT service should be more than about NOT messing things up, and that a regular dialogue with our customers is essential. But you might not ever know that if you […]

Responsive Web Design: The Next Phase for User-Friendly Websites

As more web users access the Internet primarily through smartphones and tablets, web design has to adapt to changing screen sizes. Some companies expect mobile users to access an app, and some direct them to a separate mobile-specific site. However, responsive web design combines the best of both options. You know responsive web design when […]

National Archives on Wikipedia

The National Archives, after seeing its material on Wikipedia receive billions of views, has decided to step up efforts to upload their entire collection there. Details are available in its 2014 Open Government Plan, on Page 19. This is great news for any business wanting to enrich its website or advertising materials with media from […]