Monthly Archives: August 2014

Facebook Cutting Down on Clickbait

Today Facebook announced that it will be implementing new guidelines that should cut down on clickbait links over time: Clickbait links have an enticing but information-light title like “You’ll never guess…” to suck readers into assuaging their curiosity with a click. Unfortunately many of these types of articles promise more than they deliver, and […]

Microsoft to Stop Support for Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has announced that, starting January 12, 2016, it will support only the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system. What this means is that you need to update to the most recent version of IE available for your operating system, or brave a buggier and less safe browsing experience. […]

Five Quick Questions for When You Hire an IT Company

Hiring an IT company is about more than rates. Ask the right questions to know you’re getting a proactive provider. 1) How will they charge? Does the company offer all necessary services? Are software upgrades and service hours included? 2) Is there 24/7 coverage? Your website never clocks out. Make sure they offer 24/7 support, […]

Vulnerability found in Internet of Things

Last week HP released its Internet of Things State of the Union Study and announced that “70 percent of the most commonly used Internet of Things devices contain serious vulnerabilities.” The Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of embedded computing devices that communicate with each other, like the security system you control remotely with […]