Monthly Archives: October 2014

An Electric All-Wheel Drive With Better Efficiency

This month Tesla Motors announced the Dual Motor Model S, the first consumer-ready dual electric motor car. The car gains in efficiency – at least 10 miles on a single charge – thanks to smart current allocation between the motors. It also gains the traction benefits you’d expect from all-wheel drive. If you live where […]

Dropbox Adds Functionality, Security in Latest Apple, Android Updates

Accessing cloud storage straight from your phone can be a great advantage for small business owners on the go, and companies like Box and Dropbox are making it easier every day. This has been a big month for file-sharing and cloud-storage company Dropbox. Updates to its apps for Apple and Android improve security and increase […]

Let Clients Pay Like Consumers

Businesses with online stores have long known the value of reducing the payment barrier. Whether using a custom shopping cart, an off-the-shelf credit card processing app, or PayPal, retail businesses know how to reduce the payment barrier for a quick and easy sale. Businesses that invoice for revenue may want to do the same. Sure, […]

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Microsoft announced a return to the familiar last week with Windows 10. Skipping Windows 9 (supposedly, the company wants a clean break from the reputation of Windows 8), Windows 10 will be released mid-2015. Many aspects of the new OS were created with business users in mind. Windows 10 will include in-place upgrades for Windows […]