Monthly Archives: December 2014

Google Inbox: The Email Killer?

In early December, Google rolled out Inbox, the company’s new app dubbed an “email killer,” by invitation only. Gmail still exists and will not be going away anytime soon. The aesthetic of Inbox is that of a social network newsfeed — with a preview visible before opening the actual email. The preview allows users to […]

Real-Time Translation from Microsoft’s Skype

My vote for the biggest-impact technological breakthrough in 2015 is Microsoft’s Skype real-time translator. The feature is available for preview right now, and you can watch the demo video on Mashable. Skype translates between Spanish and English in near real time, just from two people talking over the Internet. The program is good-enough now, and […]

Communicating for Office Tech Updates

For every early adopter on your staff, there is another member who needs help understanding even the simple aspects of a new technical system. Communicating effectively before, during, and after the rollout of a technical update is essential for a smooth transition, even if it’s something as simple as a software upgrade. As soon as […]

Recyclers Solving the E-Waste Problem, Slowly

Consumers buy more gadgets every year, and throw away the old ones as millions of tons of e-waste. Glues, metals, plastics, and battery chemicals make e-waste particularly dangerous. Fumes from burning devices can get into the air, chemicals can seep into water, and people who live near landfills or who support themselves with certain recycling […]

Store Your Crisis Management Plan Online

Your crisis management plan in case of fire, flood, snow, or human-made emergency probably shouldn’t live in a binder at the office. Having a plan that dictates who handles which responsibilities can help you weather a disaster and get back on your feet afterwards. It’s fine to have a printed copy in case of a […]