Monthly Archives: February 2015

New Version of HTTP Ushers In Faster Web

HTTP, the language used to load web pages to your browser, is experiencing its first major upgrade in 16 years to keep up with today’s data-rich web experience. The upgrade, known as HTTP/2, is expected to speed load time and provides higher-performance encryption for a more secure web. Among its features, HTTP/2 can send multiple […]

Apple Smart Home Accessories Draw Nearer to Launch

Did you know Apple’s iOS 8 is equipped to dim your lights, turn down your air conditioning, and open your garage door? HomeKit, a programming framework designed to control home accessories, was built into the latest operating system and introduced to developers last winter. This spring, the company is expected to debut devices equipped to […]

Net Neutrality Win: FCC Chair Wants to Regulate Internet as Utility

If you posted comments to the FCC website a few months ago asking to protect net neutrality – that is, the idea that all Internet traffic has to be served at the same speed, without priority for certain content – then congratulations. The FCC Chair, Tom Wheeler, recently submitted his recommendation to the FCC that […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Runs Microsoft 10

The popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi, just released its second hardware version. Along with the hardware update, Microsoft and Raspberry Pi announced that a compatible version of Windows 10 will be available free of charge to makers. Windows has been a latecomer to the world of free and/or open-source, but this move should […]