Monthly Archives: March 2015

Never Get Another Speeding Ticket with Ford’s New Auto Software

Last week Ford Motors announced new software, called Intelligent Speed Limiter, that can help drivers automatically stay within the speed limit. Intelligent Speed Limiter scans traffic signs with a camera mounted on the windshield to automatically set the maximum speed for the vehicle. If the car is moving too fast, the vehicle will gradually choke […]

Filing Taxes? There’s an App for That

‘Tis the season for taxes in the United States. If that April 15th deadline is breathing down your neck, or that e-filed paperwork is giving you the sweats, the IRS’s new app may provide a little relief. IRS2Go is a smartphone app that allows users to check the statuses of their federal income tax refunds, […]

End to End Email Encryption

When Yahoo Mail has a new feature, you know the sea has changed. This week Yahoo announced they’re working on a browser plugin to enable end to end mail encryption. You can watch a video demo on Yahoo’s Tumblr page. What does this mean? Well, a few years ago, mail providers started enabling SSL encryption […]

Today’s Apple Announcement: Updates from Wristwear to Research

Today Apple announced new products and services, which will impact life at work and home. Crossing both areas is the Apple Watch. With a release date of April 24, and price starting at $349, Apple Watch allows you to make calls, check email, and eventually access many iPhone apps. It incorporates haptic feedback for physical […]

FAA Proposes Commercial Drone Regulations

The FAA recently released their proposals for commercial drone regulation. Once put in place, these laws would dictate how corporations can use drones. The proposed regulations would limit drone activity to the operator’s line of sight. Drones would have to yield to anyone else in the airspace, and would not be allowed to fly directly […]