Monthly Archives: April 2015

Nano Server Rumors

Your Windows Server could be getting a new core soon. A leaked slide deck from earlier this year indicates that soon, a stripped-down version of Windows dubbed “Nano Server” could be the new base for Windows Server. News of the leaked slides comes from Neowin. Possibly as soon as next month, we’ll know for sure […]

Amazon Aims to Make Grocery Lists a Thing of the Past

With just the tap of a finger and a little help from WiFi, Amazon’s Dash Button could be the first step in the weekly grocery list’s obsolescence. The button looks like a doorbell, comes labeled with familiar logos of household goods, and places an order for that particular brand of good with just a press […]

Microsoft Vulnerability: Redirect to SMB

There’s a Microsoft vulnerability that, while not entirely new, has been brought to public attention again lately. This week Cylance, a cyber security company, published an article about the latest Microsoft software that’s vulnerable to a particular type of attack first discovered in 1997. The attack is known as the “Redirect to SMB” attack. Here’s […]

Expense Reporting Software: Is it for You?

There’s nothing a jet-lagged corporate traveler hates more than returning from a business trip to input a mountain of receipts into an expense report. But take heart: the days of mangling clunky spreadsheets are at an end. A number of third-party companies offer expense reporting solutions for the digital age. Here are a few benefits […]