Monthly Archives: May 2015

Universal Apps in Upcoming Windows 10

Windows 10 will include seamless support (at least as advertised) for universal apps across all its platforms. That is, your progress in an app will follow you across all your Windows 10 devices. We have hints of universal apps now, like when you use the same app on your phone and your tablet. The Windows […]

Google Wallet Now FDIC Insured

In an increasingly cashless society, digital wallets have become more and more integrated into everyday life. No need to squabble over splitting a check—Google Wallet, PayPal, or Venmo apps allow you to instantly reimburse the lucky person footing the bill. However, until recently, you could lose any money held in these accounts in the event […]

Microsoft Visual Studio Embraces the Wider Developer Ecosystem

Microsoft Visual Studio now has a GitHub extension. GitHub is a popular repository and version control system for storing code, a great deal of which is open source. With this Visual Studio extension, Microsoft is further embracing open source software and a plural development ecosystem. Try the extension here: – GitHub extension for Visual Studio […]

Mobile-Friendliness Now a Factor in Google Search Results

Google now factors the mobile-friendliness of a website into its page rank. Beginning April 21, the search giant updated its algorithm to take into account how well websites render on mobile devices, in every language. Sites that have functioning responsive design will rank higher. If you haven’t already updated your website to responsive design, now […]