Monthly Archives: July 2015

Meet Microsoft Garage, Microsoft’s In-House Incubator

  Where do Microsoft engineers go to dream and tinker? Their garage! Microsoft Garage is the company’s in-house incubator for the next big ideas in tech. Incubators provide the space, mentors, and funding startups need to get their ideas off the ground. Many of today’s greatest technologies started in incubators, and Microsoft brings the concept under […]

Windows 10 Lands on July 29th

Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest operating system, will be available in just over a week on July 29th. We’ve already covered a few of the new operating system’s features, including in-place updates and universal apps. We know a few more details now. Business customers will be supported until October 2025, while the general public will be supported […]

Where HR Meets Technology

Human resources and technology might seem like strange collaborators. Historically, HR policies have served to limit tech use: see restricted personal cell phone use, monitored Internet use, etc. However, as wired-in younger generations increasingly join the workforce, tech is beginning to play a role in how we manage the people side of business. Here are few things to […]

App for Even Paychecks

Even, a new app currently in its invitation-only phase, aims to help workers with irregular hours level their paychecks. If your business requires irregular scheduling, subsidizing an Even subscription for your employees might be a useful and stress-relieving perk. Irregular income causes most people a great deal of stress, so eliminating it can improve employees’ […]