Monthly Archives: September 2015

The EMV-Chip Card Deadline Is Here: Did You Miss It?

By Oct. 1, 2015, all retailers using credit and debit card transactions in the United States are required to convert to credit card readers that can process payment via the EMV chip (for more on the chip-style payment, read our previous post). As of the writing of this article, that deadline is Thursday. If this is the first […]

Microsoft, Now with 100% More Linux

For a professional-oriented product that appeals mainly to networking administrators, Microsoft uses Linux. Last week Microsoft announced Azure Cloud Switch, their home-brewed flavor of Linux designed to maximize flexibility and uniformity for network switches. Network switches are hardware used to manage computer and Internet connections in a data center or other networked environment. While the product itself […]

Tech Term: Session

When checking your web traffic, you may have noticed the number of sessions reported. What does this mean, exactly? Your number of sessions counts the number of times users paid distinct visits to your website. If someone visits multiple pages on your site in a short time, it counts as the same session. If they […]

Apple and Cisco Systems Partner to Benefit Business Operations

Apple announced Monday that it will be partnering with Cisco Systems Inc. to better serve business clients. Many companies rely on Cisco for business networking technology such as such as routers, phone systems, and video conferencing equipment. The goal of the partnership is to help Apple’s iPhone and iPad work more effectively with Cisco’s networks, […]