Monthly Archives: October 2015

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s latest tablet, the Surface Pro 4, is available online and at electronics retailers. Demand is strong; the tablet sold out on preorders at many locations, although it should be back in stock soon. The tablet redesign is coupled with a new version of the attachable Type Cover (that will also work with the Surface 3). […]

Stock Up: Ten Must-Have Backup Tech Supplies

If your laptop goes kaput on the day of the big presentation, your hard drive fills up while you’re transferring files, or you spill your coffee on your mouse, are you prepared to weather the rest of your day? Keeping tech supplies as well stocked as paper clips and printer paper can help save productivity when disaster strikes. Here […]

Digital Crime Costs Businesses More than Ever

The price of getting hacked keeps going up. In 2015, cyber crime cost businesses $7.7 million on average; for American businesses, the damage was twice as high. That’s about 2% up from last year. Hewlett Packard and the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime just released their 2015 report detailing the economic impacts of hacking, denial of […]

T-Mobile Hack Impacts Up to 15 Million Customers

Experian, the credit monitoring company used by T-Mobile to check the credit history of potential customers, recently experienced a data breach that has left a fourth of the company’s customers vulnerable. T-Mobile is the third largest mobile service carrier in the United States and an industry heavyweight abroad. The hacker obtained access to the sensitive information of about 15 […]