Monthly Archives: November 2015

WordPress Admin Switches from PHP to JavaScript

WordPress powers about 25 percent of all websites on the Internet, including this blog. It’s just made a major change to its code. The popular content management software was originally written in PHP, a popular web programming language that’s been around since the mid-90s. Much of the WordPress application is still in PHP, but the newest version […]

Huawei’s Phone Battery Charges to Half in 5 Minutes

Battery life has long been the bottleneck of mobile device improvement. While much of the focus has been on creating batteries that last longer, charging time is also an important part of the equation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could juice up your phone in a few minutes instead of a few hours? Earlier […]

Save Your Sight: Five Tips to Alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome

Ever experience headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, or neck pain after an especially long day at the office? You could be showing symptoms of computer vision syndrome, which can affect people who use computer screens for too long. The symptoms can fade away if you take a prolonged computer break. However, with the average American spending 9.9 hours […]

‘Tis the Season… for a Technology Audit

Solidly into Q3, and with the new year approaching in just two months, now is a good time to reassess your business’s technology needs. Planning now will give you enough of a head start to take action in 2016. Ask yourself the following five questions as you build your IT budget for the coming year: 1. When did […]