Monthly Archives: December 2015

Drone Registration Coming for Businesses in 2016

In anticipation of drones being 2015’s hottest holiday gift, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rolled out a new online registration program for personal-use unmanned aircraft this month. If you use the post-holiday sales to purchase a drone for commercial use, make sure you register within the next two months. Commercial registrations are currently accepted by paper, but the FAA expects to release […]

Heat Sensors Show Shoppers’ Habits

Clicks and links have added a wealth of hard data to online shoppers’ habits. Wouldn’t it be useful to have similar data for brick-and-mortar shoppers? Heat sensors, or thermal imaging sensors, show people’s locations in your stores with a heat map style image. They work by picking up heat, and bodies generate a lot of […]

Artificial Intelligence Coming to Salesforce?

This week Salesforce, the cloud computing company used by many for customer relationship management, announced its acquisition of MinHash. The startup created a learning engine that tracked trends for marketers, relying on data science to formulate campaigns. Perhaps most interestingly, however, it also gave life to AILA, an artificially intelligent assistant that did the legwork of research and analysis […]

Salesforce for Contractors

Do you work with freelancers, contractors, or vendors as part of your business? Is it tough keeping track of them all? The correspondence, the pay dates, the deliverables? Recently-funded company Lystable offers their application as a one-stop shop specializing in external worker management. They’re not trying to go after sales leads or customer management, focusing […]

Heading into the Holidays, Consider Apps for Shift Management

Between extended hours, holiday plans, and cold-weather sickness, hourly employees have it particularly hard when it comes to swapping shifts this time of year. Most rely on Facebook groups or group text chains with coworkers to find someone to take a shift they have to miss. Using a scheduling app instead can provide a cleaner interface and help protect […]