Monthly Archives: January 2016

Revisiting Telecommuting

With a huge portion of the east coast crippled by last weekend’s blizzard, it’s the perfect time to refresh your approach to telecommuting. If you have an established telecommuting policy, take this opportunity to think through how it has worked out in practice. Have employees been happy, safe, and productive through the storm? Alternately, maybe a good old-fashioned […]

Four Things to Know About Apple’s iOS 9.3

Apple has unveiled a beta version of the latest update to its operating system with a whole new set of bells and whistles. The company broke from its habit—usually Apple waits for the full annual upgrades to roll out major new features, but this incremental update includes a number of important elements. This development has some experts hoping […]

Windows Surface Phone Rumors

With CES wrapped up, rumors are flying about a device that wasn’t announced at the tech trade show: the Windows Surface Phone. The Surface tablet has long been a popular tablet/laptop crossover that runs full Windows; we wrote a glowing review of the Pro 4 last year. Understandably, the tech and business communities are wondering if […]

Think Global for 24/7 Uptime

If information infrastructure forms a critical part of your business — whether that’s your website, email servers, a shopping cart application, databases of customer information, or something more complex — you’ll want a real live human being on call at all times to make sure it stays up, available, and ready for use. Where does […]