Monthly Archives: March 2016

Oculus Rift Brings Virtual Reality to the Masses

The first virtual reality (VR) headset for domestic use reached the public this week: the first generation of Facebook-owned Oculus Rift headsets are now in the hands of everyday users. The Rift is focused on game applications for now, but experts expect VR will impact the worlds of travel, attractions, business, and entertainment eventually. Until then, here’s what the reviews […]

Bigger… and Smaller: What You Need to Know About Today’s Apple Announcement

Today’s announcement from Apple involved several products getting smaller in size, in response to user feedback asking for more portable devices. Memory has also increased for some familiar devices. Here’s a rundown of the news from Apple: iPhone SE: Pretty much an iPhone 5S with updated internals, this phone is 4 inches and will have the same processor and […]

Solar Power Becoming Cheaper than Coal in India

Early this year in India, costs of solar power dipped below the price of energy from coal. The country’s Power Minister, Piyush Goyal, noted the occasion: Costs of solar power are expected to keep falling in the next years, saving Indians not only money but the effects of pollution. Other countries have noted India’s success in […]

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Coming to Linux

Microsoft embraces the open-source community again with their latest offering: SQL Server on Linux. SQL Server 2016, the latest version of the database software, will run on Linux now. So many businesses have moved to Linux servers that it appears Microsoft is looking for ways to keep at least one part of the software stack as a […]

What’s a Blockchain? The Witness That’s Always Right

Financial institutions are finally moving to accept blockchain, a tech originally developed for the controversial digital currency Bitcoin. The technology is simple. Whenever a new transaction happens, the time and amount of the transaction are public (while identifying details of the participants are not), so all computers log the details at the same time. This […]