Monthly Archives: April 2016

Uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows

Apple has ceased support for its QuickTime 7 for Windows app and will no longer provide security patches or updates. Both Apple and the Department of Homeland Security are urging users to uninstall the program as quickly as possible. Modern browsers don’t require Quicktime to show media content, so there is no need to have the software installed […]

Platoon of Self-Driving Trucks Crosses Western Europe

Earlier this month, a platoon of self-driving trucks drove from various starting points in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The technology challenge was issued and organized by the Netherlands. The trucks drove in platoon style, with little space between them. This reduces drag, similar to boxcars on a train. Because the trucks […]

WhatsApp Offers End-to-End Encryption

Many businesses use messaging application WhatsApp for team communications. It’s especially handy during international travel when cell reception may be hard to come by. Now, WhatsApp makes it safer to discuss sensitive business matters by offering end-to-end encryption. In the latest version all messages, calls, and images are encrypted so only those in the conversation can access the information. Not […]

Bash, Linux’s Popular Command Language Interpreter, Coming to Windows

If you thought SQL Server on Linux meant Windows was getting cozy with the open-source operating system, now Microsoft is putting Linux tools on its own OS. The Bash shell, a popular command language interpreter, will be released for Windows 10. Microsoft made the announcement at Build 2016, their developer conference. It’s also been announced on Microsoft’s blog. The […]