Monthly Archives: June 2016

Windows 10 Activation Adds One More Catch

The window to upgrade to Windows 10 for free closes on July 29, and users who activate before that date will now find themselves with one more tool: the activation troubleshooter. Numerous Microsoft customers have complained about complications resulting from upgrading to Windows 10, including being promoted to pay for the free upgrade when the […]

Long TSA Lines? Get Appy!

It’s been a story of summer crankiness: the TSA and its airport security screening contractors are terribly understaffed, causing epic wait times during peak travel season for the United States. If you’re a frequent business traveler, you may already have TSA Pre-Check, the security clearance that helps buyers bypass long lines at screening and customs. If you don’t, or […]

Apple Pay Moves to Browser, Chat

Apple Pay is coming to Apple’s browser, Safari, and Apple’s chat application, iMessage. This means shoppers will be able to make purchases online from a web browser or a chat, not just at a brick and mortar location using a phone or watch. However, a phone or watch running iOS will still be required to confirm […]

DocumentDB, Microsoft’s NoSQL Database Service, Plays Nice with MongoDB

DocumentDB is Microsoft’s NoSQL database service. NoSQL is an increasingly popular style of database which allows for more flexibility in your data structures and data storage design. As the name implies, DocumentDB can be used to store documents, along with any other type of data you could think of. Last week, Microsoft rolled out full […]