Monthly Archives: July 2016

The FCC Enters Round Two Against Robocalls

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, last week called on wireless and landline phone carriers and robocall infrastructure companies. His point? It’s time to get proactive about blocking robocalls. Consumers on the Do Not Call Registry don’t want to report violations after the fact. They want to eat dinner uninterrupted by automatic phone calls. In […]

How to Remove Your Status As a Pokémon Go Stop

In the last month, Pokémon Go, the augmented reality mobile game based on the Pokémon entertainment franchise, burst onto the scene and sent people out to explore the world around them. This is a great evolution for gaming, but presents a slightly awkward conundrum for business owners. Players chase virtual creatures through the very real world—sometimes businesses—in an attempt […]

Want a Healthier Staff? Try Telemedicine

You can order a pizza, hail a cab, and book a flight using your smartphone—why not see the doctor too? Technology has taken the pain out of waiting for services and now telemedicine is doing away with the dreaded doctor’s office waiting room. Telemedicine is the delivery of remote clinical services through electronic communications. Using email, teleconferencing, smart […]

Passthoughts: Next-Gen Passwords

What if you could think your password and gain access to your bank account, email, or photos? John Chuang and teammates from the BioSENSE Lab at Berkeley have been working on brain-wave password authentication for several years. They call this type of password a passthought. A passthought needs a brainwave reader that uses EEG (electro-encephalography) sensors. EEG machines used to […]