Monthly Archives: December 2016

Your Data Tells the Story with Google’s Data Studio

Earlier this year, Google Data Studio was released to provide businesses with a way to share data internally and externally. Part of Google Analytics Solutions, the beta data visualization tool is available as Data Studio 360 for large businesses and as a free version for small businesses and individuals. The tool uses your data, from […]

Yahoo Suffers Second Hack This Year

Late last week, Yahoo announced it had discovered a massive hack dating back to August 2013. This hack predates the hack announced in September, and makes Yahoo the victim of the largest known security breach of one company. It’s still unclear how many users were impacted, but the company is making affected users change their […]

Protecting Your Employees from Identity Theft

Identity theft is rough to live through. So, make sure that your staff never falls prey to their data getting stolen from the company books. They’ll also appreciate you treating them with compassion and support should they experience identity theft at home. Many of the calls needed to resolve an identity theft issue must be made during business […]

There’s an API to Streamline Financial Transactions on the African Continent

Moneywave, the new product by Flutterwave, is an API that lets financial products of different types connect to each other. It’s aimed at financial services in common use on the African continent. The wide spread of financial services in use has long been a barrier to business and entrepreneurship in African nations. Customers want to pay […]