Monthly Archives: February 2017

Major Corporations Join to Develop Digital Ledger System

Microsoft, Intel, JPMorganChase, and other titans of the business world have joined forces to develop a computing system that would allow unrelated computers and servers to securely gather and store data. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance will collaborate to create a system based on blockchain, a digital ledger system that doesn’t rely on a central authority […]

Google’s “Internet by Balloon” Project Overcomes a Mathematical and Meteorological Obstacle

Project Loon, Alphabet’s project to bring balloon-based internet service to the parts of the world without cables, has just overcome a mathematical and meteorological snag. (Alphabet is Google’s parent company.) They’ve figured out how to keep the balloons flying in loops around a desired service point, rather than the original idea that balloons would have to circle the […]

Apple Pulls LG Monitors After Performance Issues

Late last year, Apple announced it would cease retailing its Thunderbolt external Retina displays. The LG Ultrafine 5K Display was named the recommended monitor for use with Apple products. However, the company has now pulled the Ultrafine from sale, citing performance issues when placed close to Wi-Fi routers. If the monitor is placed within six […]

Samsung Diagnosed the Cause of the Note 7 Battery Fires

Using engineering resources – and with the findings verified by an independent firm – Samsung diagnosed the two issues that caused the Note 7 smartphone battery to catch on fire. The first issue, from one of the original manufacturers, was that a corner of the battery casing crushed a corner of the battery, bending some electrode […]