Monthly Archives: May 2019

A Quickie on Navigating Small Business Networks and Hardware: Keeping Your Switches, Routers, and Budget In Line

Does navigating your small business network make your head spin? Do you feel like saying routers, switches, and scaling, oh my! Let’s dig into the basics to alleviate those fears and avoid any visits to Oz. The foundation of your business network is the switch. An unmanaged switch provides simplicity. It connects all the devices […]

Supercomputing Speeds into the Cloud and Businesses of any Size can Afford to go Supersonic

Super Computing has another name, HPC, and no longer only for governments and research institutions. Industrial, consumer, and commercial applications use supercomputing regularly. And not only large businesses but medium to small businesses can utilize all that extra power without breaking the bank. How is this possible? Cloud services, who now offer HPC or high-performance […]

The Advantages of Colocation: How Data Centers Keep Your Servers Cool and Running at Full Speed

Your business’ server room requires yet another renovation to keep it running smoothly in the older building where your business resides. You wanted to invest those dollars in your marketing. Another tenant in the building mentions colocation as a solution. It works great for their business. Colocation, what the heck is that? Colocation means keeping […]