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By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

WhenToWork is an efficient online employee scheduling software. WhenToWork is known by its flexibility, convenience and reporting capabilities. With this program, you can manage schedules for employees that work in multiple locations. You can control what they can view or do while accessing their schedules through the program’s managerial settings.

The program lets you view all the schedules by day, week or month. You can print them, import and export data, manage employees personal information and color code shifts for easier readability. The program includes an advanced notification system that lets you add any number of emails and text message addresses and set when each one is notified. You can know who had seen or confirmed their schedule or who would like to work when filling an open shift. Employees can set up their work time preferences down to 15 minute intervals – which are viewable when manually assigning shifts.

This program has many more features that’s you must explore. It’s suitable for almost all kinds of employers with its ease and flexibility. The service is priced based on the number of employees starting at $15 per month for 1-10 employees reduced to $100 for one year ahead. Go to and give it a try.

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