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Microsoft Surface Hub: How the Office White Board Disappeared

The conference room table hums with conversation as your co-workers arrive and seat themselves for the meeting. You’re ready to begin the session and the presentation. The room’s whiteboard isn’t. The first two markers you pick up are dry as a bone. The eraser is just plain MIA. Your meeting is off to a bad […]

False Adobe Flash Updates Plague Equifax

Following the news of the massive hack of Equifax, the beleaguered company now faces another challenge: vulnerable code. Late last week, visitors to Equifax’s complaints page were greeted by a popup for a false Adobe Flash update. The false Adobe installer instead placed malicious adware on impacted devices, specifically Adware.Eorezo, known for bombarding infected computers […]

Apple Rolls Out iOS11 for iPhone, iPad

Though the big news of the fall has been Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the latest operating system upgrade for the company is nothing to ignore. Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPad, iPod Touch 6th generation, and all newer devices, iOS11 adds some polish to existing tools: Files now allows you to […]

GrubHub Class Action Suit Could Have Implication for 1099 Status

A former GrubHub driver has filed suit against the company, alleging GrubHub misclassified the drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. The class-action lawsuit is the first of its kind in California and could have repercussions for the gig economy and hiring practices. Those hired as 1099 workers are considered self-employed, able to set their […]

Equifax Data Breach Impacts 143 Million Consumer and Business Credit Reports

This week national credit bureau Equifax announced it experienced a massive data breach from May to July 2017. An estimated 143 million U.S. credit holders are impacted, with financial experts saying that basically if you have a credit history there’s a good chance your data was effected. Hackers gained access to social security numbers, names, […]

Labor Day Scam Alert: Locky Ransomware in E-mail

Last week, security monitoring experts detected a new ransomware attack launch that set 23 million infected e-mails into circulation. This attack uses familiar bait with purposefully vague subject lines like “please print,” “scans,” and “documents.” A ZIP attachment includes a downloader that activates the Locky strain of ransomware on PCs. At least 5.6 million of […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Feature Larger Display, Stylus

Samsung has announced its latest iteration of the Galaxy Note phablet will be available September 15. The Galaxy Note 8 has a tough role to fill after the Galaxy Note 7’s fire-starting debacle, but reviews are generally positive so far. Here are some of the highlights of the new large phone: A 6.3-inch display that’s […]