Moneywave, the new product by Flutterwave, is an API that lets financial products of different types connect to each other. It’s aimed at financial services in common use on the African continent. The wide spread of financial services in use has long been a barrier to business and entrepreneurship in African nations. Customers want to pay […]

Here’s a list of things you can research online to learn more about your market: Google your business. Is your website the first thing that comes up? If not, what does? Google some search terms related to your business. What comes up now? Search a map for businesses similar to yours. How many are in your part of […]

Microsoft Azure just added an IP address filtering feature to its IoT Hub. IoT stands for Internet of Things and refers to devices like cameras, routers, and smart thermostats. This update comes at an opportune moment, sandwiched between an unprecedented hack using Internet of Things devices, and the holiday gift-giving season which will likely flood […]

Microsoft Paint is getting an update. With Paint 3D, Microsoft will likely give many people their first entry-level 3D modeling experience. While it won’t replace high-end graphics software, many users will feel more comfortable learning the basics of 3D with the kind of approachable, simple program that Paint 3D promises to be. It uses basic tools […]

The first holiday commercials have hit the airwaves and personal to-do lists involving turkeys and wrapping paper will soon have your staff racking up the stress. It’s easy to lose momentum during the holidays, but technology offers multiple solutions for keeping up productivity. Time and project management programs can keep your team producing, now and in […]

Last week, both Microsoft and Apple rolled out new hardware and software that could reshape the way we use their products. Two hardware announcements stood out to experts: Microsoft Surface Studio The company’s first all-in-one PC, Surface Studio features a 28-inch screen and what Microsoft says is the thinnest screen in the world. It features a touch screen […]

If you tried to access Twitter, Spotify, or the New York Times website last Friday, you may have had a little trouble. These sites are all served by the same domain name service provider, Dyn, which was hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that morning. If you’ve been following the Janus Networks blog, we warned […]