What’s Your Angle: Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Part Two

In January we wrote a post about the author’s personal carpal tunnel prevention equipment. Today we’ll look at some of the principles behind avoiding repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) that can help you set up your own workstation.

  • Repetition – Small repeated motions cause RSIs. Taking a 5-minute break every hour can give your muscles rest from mousing and typing. Apps like Workrave remind you to rest and stretch periodically.
  • Angle – Sit high enough at your desk that your arms form a 90-degree angle to your keyboard. Wrist rotation is also important – rotating your wrists downward all day, as with a standard keyboard and mouse, adds strain. Use curved or angled equipment to let your hands and wrists face inward.
  • Irritation – Avoid cutting off your blood supply on a sharp or awkward edge at your workstation. Keyboard, desk, and laptop edges are often at fault.


By Sharon Campbell

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