Five Things to Ask Your IT Provider

Many people believe the best signal they can get from their IT provider is silence—it means nothing has gone wrong. We at Janus believe that IT service should be more than about NOT messing things up, and that a regular dialogue with our customers is essential. But you might not ever know that if you simply select an IT provider based on their rates and not on the quality of service. Asking a the right questions when considering an IT company can reveal a great deal about what to expect o their service.

1) How Will They Charge?
This is probably the first question that comes to any business owner’s mind- and its with good reason. The right IT company will be one that the necessary services AND a price package that meets their budget. Are specific al a carte options available? What happens if software needs to be upgraded? How many services hours per month are included in my package? These are all great questions that should be considered when looking finding an IT provider.

2) Is there 24/7 coverage?
Your website never clocks out, but does your IT provider? Most IT service providers have staff that can handle problems around the clock, but its important to make sure that this is the case. If they do in fact have 24/7 support, who is providing the afterhours service? Are they in-house or outsourced professionals? Both situations can provide exceptional support, but only you can decide what your comfortable with.

3) How Many Clients Do Have?
Personalization is a big part of what makes a good IT company. Will you know your account manager, or is there an ever-rotating staff that helps when an issue arises? Will they remember past issues and have the foresight to see complications that might arise? The number of clients that an IT services can largely determine the answers to the above. A larger number of clients doesn’t always mean excellent service, though it does indicate great advertising. Ask your potential IT company what their potential for growth is and how they intend to manage their client relationships.

4) What Happens If I need More Space?
Servers work best when they are not filled to the limit; while some IT companies automatically ensure that you have enough space to keep things running smoothly, its always a good to simply ask how close you are to the limit. If you have a ‘no news is good news’ type of relationship with your IT provider, they might not have noticed that you are quickly approaching the limit; an overburdened server is a ticking-time bomb, ask questions and protect yourself.

5) Who Will Manage My Account?
Business owners should know who is managing their IT services on a first name basis. If something goes awry or when any services need to be added, having a personal relationship with your IT manager ensures things get completed quickly.


Written by Chase

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