Who should you follow on Twitter?

Who you follow on Twitter can be just as important to your business as who follows you. While your followers create an audience for your marketing message, the people you follow can help you build vital relationships, provide sources for future tweets, and enhance your market research efforts. There are three groups that you should particularly consider following: industry experts, vendors, and your customers.

Industry experts are in the Twitter game for the same reason you are: publicity. Their tweets often promote their experience and proven knowledge – following them can help you keep on top of trends and provide you with material for retweets. If they follow you back, you’ve added a valuable member to your audience and can potentially build a professional relationship.

Vendors can also help you keep on top of trends in your industry and give your followers an idea of the services you offer. Following your current vendors and tagging them when relevant is a great way to make a connection. Follow prospective vendors to turn them into current vendors.

Your customers are vital members of your following, but following them in return can strengthen your relationship. As in any budding relationship, you’ll get to know their likes and dislikes, which can aid your market research efforts and equip you to better meet their needs.

Use tools like HootSuite to help you keep track of who you follow.  Remember, you’re not the only one who likes to be followed.

By Prasana William and Sharon Campbell

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