Apple Announces Music Streaming, New OS

Monday marked the first day of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. This event is known for big announcements for the coming year. Here are a few things to look forward to, from CEO Tim Cook’s keynote address:

  • Apple Music: The big announcement of the day was Apple’s Spotify-like music streaming app. It lets you create a listening profile based on your tastes and is curated by music experts rather than by algorithm alone.
  • Side-by-side split screen: On iPad and OSX, split screen will allow users to work in two apps at once, like two spreadsheets.
  • Safari sound check: Safari will now tell you which tab is playing audio — no more hunting for mystery auto-play video ads among your tabs.
  • El Capitan: The new operating system for Macs, available to the public in July.
  • Wallet: Apple’s renamed Passbook now allows you to store debit, credit, and rewards cards.
  • Battery life: A new low power mode is expected to extend battery life up to four hours.

Keep an eye out for these updates throughout 2015!

By Prasana William

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