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Windows 10 Activation Adds One More Catch

The window to upgrade to Windows 10 for free closes on July 29, and users who activate before that date will now find themselves with one more tool: the activation troubleshooter. Numerous Microsoft customers have complained about complications resulting from upgrading to Windows 10, including being promoted to pay for the free upgrade when the […]

DocumentDB, Microsoft’s NoSQL Database Service, Plays Nice with MongoDB

DocumentDB is Microsoft’s NoSQL database service. NoSQL is an increasingly popular style of database which allows for more flexibility in your data structures and data storage design. As the name implies, DocumentDB can be used to store documents, along with any other type of data you could think of. Last week, Microsoft rolled out full […]

Uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows

Apple has ceased support for its QuickTime 7 for Windows app and will no longer provide security patches or updates. Both Apple and the Department of Homeland Security are urging users to uninstall the program as quickly as possible. Modern browsers don’t require Quicktime to show media content, so there is no need to have the software installed […]

WhatsApp Offers End-to-End Encryption

Many businesses use messaging application WhatsApp for team communications. It’s especially handy during international travel when cell reception may be hard to come by. Now, WhatsApp makes it safer to discuss sensitive business matters by offering end-to-end encryption. In the latest version all messages, calls, and images are encrypted so only those in the conversation can access the information. Not […]

Bash, Linux’s Popular Command Language Interpreter, Coming to Windows

If you thought SQL Server on Linux meant Windows was getting cozy with the open-source operating system, now Microsoft is putting Linux tools on its own OS. The Bash shell, a popular command language interpreter, will be released for Windows 10. Microsoft made the announcement at Build 2016, their developer conference. It’s also been announced on Microsoft’s blog. The […]

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Coming to Linux

Microsoft embraces the open-source community again with their latest offering: SQL Server on Linux. SQL Server 2016, the latest version of the database software, will run on Linux now. So many businesses have moved to Linux servers that it appears Microsoft is looking for ways to keep at least one part of the software stack as a […]

What’s a Blockchain? The Witness That’s Always Right

Financial institutions are finally moving to accept blockchain, a tech originally developed for the controversial digital currency Bitcoin. The technology is simple. Whenever a new transaction happens, the time and amount of the transaction are public (while identifying details of the participants are not), so all computers log the details at the same time. This […]