Long TSA Lines? Get Appy!

It’s been a story of summer crankiness: the TSA and its airport security screening contractors are terribly understaffed, causing epic wait times during peak travel season for the United States.

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you may already have TSA Pre-Check, the security clearance that helps buyers bypass long lines at screening and customs. If you don’t, or you have staff who don’t travel frequently enough to warrant the $85 fee, a swarm of new apps are striving to take a little pain out of the wait.

  • My TSA: This is the TSA’s app, which relies on user-generated data to provide approximate wait times in 10-minute increments. This app hasn’t received rave reviews (it has trouble updating in real time), but the TSA has promised to release a new version soon.
  • MiFlight: Also crowd sourced, this app has been likened to Waze for its ability to show delays and provide estimated wait times in real time.
  • WhatsBusy: Not an app, this website relies on TSA data to estimate wait times.
  • iFly: Similar to WhatsBusy, the two share data.

Happy travels!

By Prasana William

One Reply to “Long TSA Lines? Get Appy!”

  1. Great Article TSA PreCheck is FREE with your American Express Platinum card.

    Also clear.com is $50 per year not everywhere as PreCheck but just as convenient.

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