Want a Healthier Staff? Try Telemedicine

You can order a pizza, hail a cab, and book a flight using your smartphone—why not see the doctor too? Technology has taken the pain out of waiting for services and now telemedicine is doing away with the dreaded doctor’s office waiting room.

Telemedicine is the delivery of remote clinical services through electronic communications. Using email, teleconferencing, smart phone apps, and more, doctors virtually meet with patients to provide diagnoses or specialist consultations.

Smaller businesses are offering this technology as a staff benefit to help reduce absenteeism for routine checkups and doctor’s visits. If a staff member feels sickness symptoms coming on, they can meet with a doctor virtually to assess if they need a sick day as preventative care. A virtual checkup saves time lost traveling to the doctor’s office.

Businesses are also using this technology to assure remote or traveling employees stay healthy even stationed in places where healthcare is not easily accessible.

Plus, employees report wanting on-demand medical services.

Some health insurance providers include telemedicine services in their benefits, but there are many companies that provide it independently. Talk with your human resources administrator and IT professional to assess telemedicine as an employee benefit.

By Prasana William

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