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Enhance Your Response to Fluctuating Business Conditions by Exploiting Augmented Analytics

Are you struggling to stay on top of what’s happening in your business? Timeliness and business data remain difficult to align. But technology is changing that dilemma. Augmented analytics is not new. It’s more accessible than ever to smaller businesses as a significant addition to business intelligence software. What does it do? Augmented analytics uses […]

Where to Find the Most Stupendous Apps for Your Small Business

Half of 2019 is close to being gone. Your business is growing, and all your employees struggle to keep up. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps which help you and your employees stay on top of your biz. What can the right marketing and sales app do for your company? A […]

A Few Quick Thoughts On Small Biz Network Design – Cobbling It All Together

Our blog post last week sorted out the essential elements to cobble together your small business network – switches, and routers. Let’s continue the discussion by designing the best network for your biz. Does your business occupy one floor, multiple floors, or numerous buildings? A business on one floor with many computers, several printers, and […]

Supercomputing Speeds into the Cloud and Businesses of any Size can Afford to go Supersonic

Super Computing has another name, HPC, and no longer only for governments and research institutions. Industrial, consumer, and commercial applications use supercomputing regularly. And not only large businesses but medium to small businesses can utilize all that extra power without breaking the bank. How is this possible? Cloud services, who now offer HPC or high-performance […]

The Advantages of Colocation: How Data Centers Keep Your Servers Cool and Running at Full Speed

Your business’ server room requires yet another renovation to keep it running smoothly in the older building where your business resides. You wanted to invest those dollars in your marketing. Another tenant in the building mentions colocation as a solution. It works great for their business. Colocation, what the heck is that? Colocation means keeping […]

Blockchain Technology Emerges from the Shadows and Slips into the Traditional World of Business

What the heck is it anyway and it’s never going to be used by legitimate businesses right? Blockchain is an open ledger which records transactions between parties and isn’t easily modified. Amazon, Oracle and IBM, all reputable businesses, provide blockchain products. Blockchain emerged as a business asset based on the security of transactions. The enterprise […]

Take Out The Trash: Keeping Lousy Data from Fouling Your Business Decisions

Remember that saying “garbage in, garbage out”? It’s still relevant in our super-connected, digital world. If lousy data enters your business systems, any corresponding reports and analysis utilizing that data are worthless. Lousy data leads to erroneous business intelligence and poor business decisions. These can kill a small business quicker than a big one. So, […]