A Quick Way to Get to Router Configuration

Do you need to update something on your router? Maybe change the WiFi password, or open a port? Check with your IT provider to make sure you’re making correct and secure changes first. Here’s an easy way to access your router’s admin page so you can make changes.

(These instructions are for Windows 10.)

Find your “Default Gateway” IP address

It’s easy to do this from the command line.

Right-click the Start button.

Select Command Prompt.

Type ipconfig and press Enter.

Look at the Default Gateway line. The IP address should be something like

Visit the IP address in your web browser

Copy the IP address you just viewed into the URL of your favorite web browser. For example, you would now visit

Visit the web page. This should be the admin screen for your router.

Make the changes you need for your router, like setting the WiFi password. That’s it!

By Sharon Campbell

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