Microsoft Surface Hub: How the Office White Board Disappeared

The conference room table hums with conversation as your co-workers arrive and seat themselves for the meeting. You’re ready to begin the session and the presentation.

The room’s whiteboard isn’t. The first two markers you pick up are dry as a bone. The eraser is just plain MIA.

Your meeting is off to a bad start and at least 5 minutes wasted just on malfunctioning office supplies. You advance to the presentation on your laptop; sure the meeting will proceed smoothly now. Your computer refuses to speak to the projector and another 10 minutes wasted as IT tweaks the setup.

In this digital day and age, you wonder if there isn’t a better way.  There is. The Microsoft Surface HUB.MSSurfaceHub_EDU_1494_RGBPicture Credit Microsoft:

The HUB serves as a whiteboard and PC in one. The pen doesn’t have ink, so it never runs dry. And you save everything, no copying or photo needed to keep the work. Clearing your notes doesn’t require stealing an eraser from Bob’s desk.

HUB allows your team to collaborate anywhere, even if two are in Cincinnati and three are in London. No phone calls and syncing of computers so everyone can see the screen. Just a Skype call and the entire team connect via video conferencing.

Many apps are available including PowerPoint, Power BI for visualizing data, MURAL for the marketing staff to plan their next campaign in pictures, and TechSmith Loop for engineers to analyze motion and processes.

Contact us at Janus Networks if your business wants to explore this exciting new technology,


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