Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Rolls Out

This week, Microsoft rolled out its Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. The update features a number of nice features for personal use, such as increased readiness for virtual reality devices and game security, but here are the major takeaways for businesses:

  • My People: Microsoft now allows you to store favorite contacts in the task bar. Selecting a contact allows you to e-mail or Skype with them. You will also be able to send attachments simply by dragging and dropping the piece onto the contact in the task bar, making it easier to communicate with co-workers.
  • One Drive Files On-Demand: Individual One Drive files will now sync between hard drive and cloud as needed, rather than syncing as folders as had previously been the case. This process is predicted to save time and hard drive space.
  • Remix: The Photo app now features a button called Remix that will create slideshows synced to music from your photo albums.
  • Android Sync: If you install the Cortana app on an Android phone, you can now receive call notifications on your PC.

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