Microsoft’s New Surface Book 2 Could Change Your Hardware Needs

Microsoft released the latest addition to its Surface line of products late last week with the Surface Book 2. The notebook drew immediate comparisons to Apple’s MacBook Pro for its powerful features made for heavy design work, like photo or video editing. The new generation is basically the same design, but with a few changes, one of which may have longer-range impact on your hardware inventory. The Surface Book 2 drops the mini DisplayPort that enabled the Surface Book to connect to multiple monitors for a USB-C port. Though the Surface Book 2 will still work with a dock, it now requires a connector between USB-C and HDMI ports to otherwise connect to monitors.

The Surface Book was touted as a replacement for the traditional laptop and companies took heed: swapping out clunky devices for the lighter and easier-to-use Surface Book. Those looking to update to the Surface Book 2 should keep in mind the change to USB-C and the fact that it only supports a max max of  2880 x 1800 at 60Hz, and therefore won’t work with some monitors currently in use and Thunderbolt 3.

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