Make A Video Boost Your Sales

Video Wins Popularity Contest

Your marketing director asks to expand her budget to hire a film crew. Since your company is a specialty food retailer, you wonder if your marketing director has gone a little mad. She’s not crazy just utilizing another tool in her marketing arsenal.

The video is one of the most popular types of content across all channels. An excellent way to showcase your food selections, get your business in front of more customers and feed your sales.

A film crew may be a bit overboard. Your director tends to be overly enthusiastic about her campaigns. Correct planning and execution are essential for successful video marketing.

You and the director need to decide the goal of the video. Videos allow you to educate, entertain, build a brand or introduce a new product. Pick one from the list.

Pinpoint your target audience, and the type of video to suit their tastes. The choices are numerous including animated, whiteboard, documentary, humorous or sober, etc.

Spend time on the length. Too short curtails your message and overly long means nobody will watch until the end. A good rule of thumb is 10-20 minutes for more depth and 120 seconds for quick introductions.

Keep in mind your video needs to represent your current brand and your company. Your customers will be confused if your emblem is cottage cheese, but your video shouts jalapeno cheddar.

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